Mother of 4-year-old killed in drive-by struggles with son's death alone after husband arrested

Cyntwanisha Whitley: 'I'm out here by myself dealing with it'

SAN ANTONIO – Cyntwanisha Whitley is struggling to cope with death of her 4-year old son, De-Earlvion, who was killed in a drive-by shooting in July.

While some are facing weapons charges in connection to the shooting, no one has been charged with De-Earlvion's death.

"It's hard to get that night out (of my mind). Once I start picturing that night, I wake up," she said.

Cyntwanisha Whitely also lost her husband. 

Earl Whitley Jr. was among 10 men arrested on federal drug charges, including distribution and conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than 28 grams of cocaine.

Prosecutors said Earl Whitley Jr. was a member of a gang whose rivalry with another gang caused a lot of violence on the city's East Side, including the possible connection to his son's shooting death. 

Earl Whitley Jr. is expected to plead guilty to federal drug charges.

"Now he's in jail, so now I'm out here by myself dealing with it, trying to take it day by day," Cyntwanisha Whitely said.

Cyntwanisha Whitley said her main focus is justice for De-Earlvion and staying strong for her two other children.

"I still haven't really grieved over it. I've been keeping myself focused with football, with my kids, constantly working long hours at work, just so I don't have time to sit and think of it all," she said.

Cyntwanisha Whitley asks anyone with information on De-Earlvion's death or the people responsible to step up and come forward.

"It doesn't hurt to stand up and stand out. At some point we all working together and stop letting the streets put a fear in our life," she said.