District 1 to see new street lights in dim areas after residents' request for safety

Area known for crime

SAN ANTONIO – With reports of petty crimes happening on some of the darkest streets in District 1, Councilman Roberto Trevino is working to put more street lights in neighborhoods.

The plan comes after residents reached out for the sake of public safety. Trevino said the city is taking the request seriously.

“My staff has actually gone out to walk the areas to see the dark spots and hot spots and see what we can do with CPS (Energy) to apply more lighting,” Trevino said.

In the end, Trevino said it was determined that Warren and Marshall streets and Euclid Avenue were some of the darkest places in need of more lighting.

“We know that those areas are ones where people might hide or create a public safety issue,” Trevino said.

A resident living on one of the streets said he is happy city officials are looking into the issue, especially with the condition of their sidewalks.

“There is a lot of handicapped people that come through here in wheelchairs at night and they can’t see nothing,” Michael Villagran said. “The sidewalks need to be replaced, but with lighting, they will be able to see the dips in the sidewalks better.”


Another resident said having more lighting would reduce crime.

“Cars getting broken into or if you leave your bicycle outside, it will go away,” Todd Fichter said of the neighborhood. “I know a lot of older people would feel more comfortable going out at night, running to the store, where now they might not.”

Trevino said having the lights added will be a part of the Downtown Lighting Master Plan.

According to a crime map on the city’s website, several crimes such as arson, sexual assault, robbery, theft, burglary and aggravated assault have happened in that area over the past six months.

Trevino and residents said they hope new street lights will help lower that crime rate.

“We want to be strategic and methodical when placing these lights,” Trevino said. “This plan is a $500,000 professional services fee that was approved through council and CPS. This will help us gain knowledge of the best places and ways to light the city while increasing public safety.”

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