Texas wildflower season in full bloom

What you should know if you want to plant your own wildflowers

FREDERICKSBURG, Texas – All along Texas' highways during the spring, the sights can be amazing.

Indian paintbrush and pink evening primroses are just two of the many flowers in bloom right now.

Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg is one place that you can see some of those flowers, and fields of the popular state flower, bluebonnets.

"It's a decent year for bluebonnets in places," Wildseed Farms owner John Thomas said.

The Hill Country was one of those places and right now the bluebonnets and poppies are in full bloom.

Wildseed Farms gives everyone the opportunity to grow wildflowers by selling the seeds.

Below are tips on how to plant wildflowers at home. If you can't see graphic, click here. 

Here's a list of Texas wildflowers that can be seen in South Texas right now

  • Bluebonnets
  • Indian paintbrush
  • Indian blanket
  • Drummond phlox
  • Verbena
  • Pink evening primrose
  • Winecup
  • Blackfoot daisy
  • White prickly poppy
  • Common sunflower
  • Coreopsis
  • Fleabane
  • Butterfly weed
  • Texas lantana
  • Texas thistle

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