4 vehicle burglary suspects arrested after running from police, officials say

One suspect found in swimming pool, another inside Gold's Gym, police say

SAN ANTONIO – Three men and a teenager were arrested Thursday morning on suspicion of stealing a car and running from police on the city's Southeast Side.

When police responded to a call for a suspiciously parked vehicle in the 8000 block of Shumard Oak Drive, four males took off running, police said.

One of the suspects was found inside a Gold's Gym in the 2800 block of Goliad Road, police said. Another male was located inside a swimming pool of an apartment complex.

Police found a handgun in the parking lot where the gym and other businesses are located, police said.

The chaos caught Jessica Martinez off-guard as she pulled into work. Martinez said she saw one of the men running in-between cars in the parking lot.

"I saw him running toward the door, so I came around and texted her (co-worker). I told her to come and lock the door, because when I saw him running, he had a black hoodie on and running. It just looked weird," she said.

The incident left Martinez's co-worker, Alexandra Calderon, a little shaken up.

"It's actually really scary. It's like, 'what are we supposed to do, like just stay inside? Lock ourselves in?" she said.

Police said three of the suspects were arrested on suspicion of stealing a vehicle and the fourth on suspicion of evading arrest.

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