Football helmet cap showing promising results when it comes to reducing concussions

Company pushing for local schools to use the caps during games

SAN ANTONIO – Researchers at Penn State University are hoping to use new technology to help reduce the number of concussions on football players.

In the fall of 2017 researchers tested a soft shell helmet cap called ProTech on 34 defensive and offensive linemen during practice.

Tim Bream former athletic trainer at Penn State explains the goal was to see if the caps changed the amount of hits to the head and the force of those hits.

He says the study found the caps cut  the force generated but it also showed the number of hits that hit a player plateaued.

The university considered using another similar product called Guardian, but opted for ProTech for its research.

Jarred Peeples of San Antonio is a salesman for ProTech manufacturer Defend Your Head. He says right now Texas high schools and universities are only allowed to practice using the helmet caps. 

At a cost of about $160, parents can purchase them for their children, he says.

“It's for practices right now as far as the State of Texas is concerned,” Peeples said.  “There's not a parent or school I talk to that doesn't want the product.”

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