Actor Ricardo Chavira posts open letter to Kawhi Leonard

Chavira urges Leonard to do what he wants, not what others want him to do


SAN ANTONIO – Actor Ricardo Chavira is a huge Spurs fan. That's not a secret. It's obvious if you follow any of his social media pages. It's even stated in his Twitter bio.

The actor, best known for his role as Carlos Solis on "Desperate Housewives," penned an open letter to Kawhi Leonard and posted it on his Facebook page.

You may be surmising that the San Antonio-raised actor is pleading with Leonard to stay with the Spurs, maybe even listing all of the pros in an effort to convince him. 

Not exactly.

While that may be the underlying motivation, Chavira tells Leonard that the reason he wrote the letter was to offer some advice from his own experiences in life.

"As my life progressed, and I began to cultivate success, a group gathered around me. People willing to 'help,' to be there for me, to give advice, to lend a shoulder, an ear, a voice if needed. Some of them were sincere in their offerings. Most were not. It took me some time to learn the difference between those who were simply hanging on for their own benefit, and those who really had my best interests at heart," Chavira wrote.

Chavira's advice to Leonard? 

"Whatever your decision, make sure that it’s YOURS, and that you make it for YOU."

Chavira said as someone who lives with the regret of taking career advice from others, he would hate for Leonard to regret his decision years down the road.

Chavira ended the letter with some well wishes.

"That’s it young man. I wish you a great future, wherever it may take you."

He also offered up his father as a good "neutral third party" if he was, in fact, seeking career advice.

Read the full letter here:

An open letter to Kawhi Leonard Kawhi. I’ve never met you, although me and my son have seen you play numerous times....

Posted by R.a. Chavira on Monday, June 18, 2018


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