Prue SAFFE officers warn of tailgate thefts throughout San Antonio

Officers show residents how to install clamp to deter criminals

SAN ANTONIO – A spike in tailgate thefts prompted Prue substation San Antonio Fear Free Environment officers to create a social media video showing people a simple and cheap way to deter criminals.

Sgt. Sam Esparza, with the help of Councilman Manny Palaez, put together a public service announcement that has been well-received. He showed how a $2 hose clamp can be used to secure the tailgates from just sliding off.

“There's no 100 percent guarantee, but if we can deter it and prevent that crime from happening where a citizen doesn’t have to come out of pocket, $200, $700 or $1,000,” Esparza said.

Following an increase in tailgate thefts near Wurzbach and Lockhill Selma roads, officers walked the Whispering Oak neighborhood to put some of the clamps on for truck owners in the area.

The officers say the thefts are happening all across the city.

“One neighborhood might get hit. You might have five, six tailgates stolen there, and then it’s another neighborhood, five, six stolen there. They're moving all around San Antonio,” Esparza said.

With the help of community businesses, Prue substation SAFFE officers will put on an free event to help people install the clamps. Check their Facebook page for details on the event.

Public Service Announcement #1 Tailgate Thefts Hello Residents, We would love for you to take the time and watch a video SAPD NW PRUE SAFFE unit put together with Councilman Manny Pelaez. This video is to make you aware of the simplicity in removing a tailgate from your vehicle and the prevention tip you can easily utilize to deter a theft of your property. This is not a 100% fail safe fix, but it will definitely require some effort on behalf of the crook to remove the tailgate. We will be hosting an event with Councilman Pelaez at the Prue Substation please follow us on Facebook. We will be posting the date and time in the near future to install these devices on your vehicles free of charge.

Posted by SAPD Prue SAFFE on Friday, July 6, 2018

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