At least two families reunited at Catholic Charities, officials confirm

Hundreds of families expected to be reunited in coming days

SAN ANTONIO – At least two immigrant families were reunited at San Antonio’s Catholic Charities on Monday after days of anticipation.

Catholic Charities CEO Antonio Fernandez confirmed that two immigrant families were reunited at their facility. A van carrying multiple children and adults was seen leaving the facility late Monday night.

They will be clothed, fed and booked into a hotel before they head for their next destination, Fernandez said.

An estimated 400 immigrant families who were separated at the border during the Trump administration's zero-tolerance policy are expected to be reunited in San Antonio.

The organization has expecting families since the weekend; however, the first reunions occurred Monday night.

The families arrive in separate buses -- one bus will be filled with children, the other with parents, Fernandez said.

The nonprofit has been preparing for the arrivals over the weekend by collecting and sorting loads of donations of clothes, food and toiletries.

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