‘The Line’: Capturing stories along the border from Texas to California

KSAT travels 1,700 miles from Brownsville, Texas to San Diego, Calif.

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SAN ANTONIO – The United States-Mexico border has several meanings for community members who live along it.

Last week, KSAT 12 traveled to South Texas to speak with community members from towns and counties near Texas-Mexico border who have been living under a microscope due to the recent national media attention.

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From the Rio Grande Valley to San Diego, California, KSAT will be interviewing people who live along the border, law enforcement officials, nonprofit organizations, migrants who have crossed the border and much more.


The special 1,700-mile report is part of "The Line" series; to read and watch the stories, follow KSAT on-air, online and on all of its social media pages.

DAY 1 (SUNDAY): (11:30 p.m.) KSAT's Tiffany Huertas shares what South Texas residents had to say about a new controversial border directed towards the U.S. Border Patrol in McAllen, Texas.

Huertas reveals the first "The Line" stories that will air Monday on KSAT 12 and shared on KSAT.com.

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(8:35 p.m.) A new controversial billboard overlooks Interstate 2 near the intersection of South Bicentenial Boulevard and Uvalde Avenue in McAllen, Texas.

The billboard -- which is hosted by the American Civil Liberties Union -- is across the street from the McAllen International Airport and less than three miles away from the U.S. Border Patrol Central Processing Center along with one of its checkpoints.

It reads, "Border Patrol: Children belong with families, not in jails."

(3:55 p.m.) KSAT stops in Progreso Lakes, Texas, where reporter Tiffany Huertas talked with Abraham Desiga at his family's home where they've lived since the 1940s.

Desiga said his home is just a mile away from the Rio Grande and that his family encounters migrants often on their property, who either ask for directions and/or water.

LIVE: KSAT is continuing its “The Line” series this time sharing stories along the entire border starting in Brownsville, Texas, and ending in San Diego, California. Tune in and ask your questions right now!

Posted by KSAT 12 & KSAT.com on Sunday, July 22, 2018

(11:41 a.m.) The first stop in the #KSATBorderJourney is to the city of Palmview, Texas, where the local police department will talk about vehicle pursuits in the area involving human smugglers.

(9:12 a.m.) KSAT reporter Tiffany Huertas, photojournalist Jennifer Galvan and digital reporter Adrian Garcia travel to the Rio Grande Valley for the first stop in “The Line” series to talk with community members about living near the U.S.-Mexico border.

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