Video shows moments before police say good Samaritan was killed by car theft suspect

Police: Jacob Gabriel, 23, shot good Samaritan who followed him after car theft

SAN ANTONIO – A fight and a pursuit that preceded a fatal shooting were caught on a motel surveillance camera Sunday afternoon, as was the suspected shooter's attempt to flee the scene.

Jacob Gabriel, 23, is accused of fatally shooting a 30-year-old man in the 9500 block of the southbound I-35 access road. Police say the victim was one of several witnesses who followed Gabriel after he stole a car from a gas station near the intersection of Fountainwood and O'Connor Road.

One of three vehicles pursuing the stolen car sideswiped Gabriel's stolen car, police said, causing him to stop in the road by a Stay Express Inn. Security video from the motel shows at least two vehicles slowing down as they pass the parking lot's entry.

Shortly thereafter, three men come into frame, fighting in the parking lot. Gabriel is seen in a white shirt, fighting a man in a red shirt and another in a black shirt.

Police said Gabriel fired a shot that did not hit anyone. The men in the black and red shirts appear to react to a gunshot as they tussle with Gabriel, though no muzzle flash is seen.

Pravin Jethva, the motel's owner, can be seen in the video, about to pull out of the parking lot in his car as the fight begins. He also said the gunshot happened while the trio were in the parking lot.

Gabriel is then seen running with what appears to be the gun police say he found in the stolen vehicle. The man in the red shirt pursues Gabriel toward the back of the motel as the man in the black shirt bends over and puts his hand to his head.

The man in the black shirt eventually moves toward the back of the parking lot as the man in red retreats to the access road.

Gabriel and the man in the black shirt are seen shortly afterwards, walking back to the road.

The fatal shot, hitting one of the witnesses who followed Gabriel, it is unclear which one, happens out of frame. The man who was shot was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center where he died.

Gabriel is then seen running back into the parking lot, quickly chased by an S.U.V..

Heavily armed police officers, K-9 units and the SAPD helicopter soon swarmed the motel and surrounding area looking for Gabriel.

Jethva said a housekeeper noticed that a room that should have been left open for cleaning was locked with the curtain closed.

When he opened up the room, Jethva said he saw Gabriel lying on one of the beds.

The owner said he closed the door, went to the next room and let police know he'd found their suspect.

Gabriel was arrested without any further injuries.

He faces charges of murder, theft of a vehicle and theft of a firearm.

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