Texas girl tricks mom into letting her adopt dog; made her think it was sandwich

Viral tweet details dog adoption in Dallas


DALLAS – Kelsey Johnstone is the proud new owner of a dog after asking her mother for permission to buy what sounded like a sandwich.

Johnstone texted her mother, asking if she could get a $5 foot-long and it turns out she wasn’t kidding.

The Dallas Animal Shelter is running a special for pet adoptions.

The special advertises $5 foot-long adoptions for “any pet that measures 12 inches or longer for only $5.”

It sounded like a pretty sweet deal to Johnstone who showed up at home with her new pup, Bentley.

What does Johnstone’s mother think about all this? “SHE LOVES HIM,” Johnstone proclaimed on Twitter when a curious fan asked about her reaction.

Johnstone is using her new-found fame to help the animals.

“If y’all are in Texas and looking to adopt or get a dog definitely check out @DallasShelter !! That’s where I got Bentley! Everyone there is super friendly and the dogs are so loving,” Johnstone wrote.

The good news for animal lovers -- the special for $5 foot-long adoptions runs through Saturday.