Texas A&M-SA offering Facebook-sponsored cybersecurity university program

University is first school in Texas to offer such program

SAN ANTONIO – Texas A&M University of San Antonio continues to makes changes to not only its campus but its courses. It recently added a hybrid course in cybersecurity sponsored by Facebook. 

The university is the first school in Texas to join the Facebook Cyber Security University Program that launched this semester. 

"The students who do well will be able to be involved in other activities and conferences, maybe even a grant," Dr. Akhtar Lodgher, chair of the Department of Computing and Cyber Security, said. 

Lodgher said the benefits are endless. 

"The Facebook course is an introductory class. There are concepts of introductory cybersecurity, sequel injection I cover. Something called CTF," Lodgher said. 

University President Dr. Cynthia Teniente-Matson said the Facebook partnership is good for everyone involved. 

"It helps our university stand, most significantly, but provides an extraordinary opportunity for the students," Teniente-Matson said. 

She said the goal is to have more students travel to Facebook and take part in programs the social media giant has to offer. 

"Having the opportunity to participate in internships there. If you are selected by Facebook for this it's all expenses paid," Teniente-Matson said. "Taking our students, exposing them to that knowledge, and bringing them back here and having them apply that to San Antonio, or some students will choose to work in California."

Texas A&M San Antonio is also dedicating the recently completed Science and Technology Building, which houses the new Mays Center for Experiential Learning and Community. 

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