Changes coming to Northwest Side community dealing with traffic issues near high school

High school in area with heavy traffic

SAN ANTONIO – Parents in a Northwest Side community that are fed up with traffic problems outside a high school say they’re finally starting to see some changes as a result of their numerous complaints.

Lori Rivero recently moved to the city, and her daughter attends Brandeis High School. She noticed the dangers students and drivers face as a result of traffic on Kyle Seal Parkway.

She called her City Council representative, Manny Pelaez, because she was concerned that someone would get hurt.

“It was just a matter of time before a student was going to be hit for a car. I could tell,” Rivero said.

A week later, a student was hit by a vehicle, she said.

The councilman held a community meeting where city leaders explained what changes could take place to improve the safety of the roadway and he is exploring other possible solutions.

The city of San Antonio has set aside $300,000 in next year’s budget to add a traffic signal on the south school entrance on the parkway. The installation will be expedited, and the signal should be up by early 2019. Meanwhile, all-way stop signs will be added.  

The speed limit has been reduced to 20 mph during school drop off and pick up times. San Antonio police officers have been out this week enforcing the new speed limit.

“I hope we get the congestion lessened for the safety of the kids,” Rivero said.

The Northside Independent School District is also exploring the possibility of adding a crossing guard.

Other plans to possibly add a crosswalk to the north entrance on Kyle Seal Parkway are also being considered by the city. The city said the efforts to improve the road have been going on for several years and will continue, as plans to widen the road are in the future.

Rivero said communities with similar problems need to demand quick action.

“(The should) advocate to their City Council and districts. Don’t just stand by and watch your kids suffering walking home every day,” she said.

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