By the numbers: SAFD responds to 83 electric scooter accidents since late September

Total of 55 riders transported to hospital since Sept. 25, SAFD says

SAN ANTONIO – Electric scooters arrived on San Antonio streets in June, and now there are thousands on roadways and sidewalks.

The San Antonio Fire Department began tracking medical calls related to scooter accidents in late September.

KSAT requested a list of those accidents and discovered the department has responded to a total of 83 calls from Sept. 25 to Jan. 19.

Of those 83 accidents, a total of 55 riders required a patient transport to the hospital, according to SAFD. 

The injuries on the list range from fractured arms, ankles, legs and a call for a fractured nose. Six calls were listed as trauma alerts.

Some riders also became unconscious after an accident on an electric scooter, and others were listed as having admitted to medical personnel that they consumed beer before falling off a scooter.

Another reported accident on Nov. 24 involved friends that were racing scooters.

The age of riders vary from a 73-year-old male fell who off a scooter on Oct. 28 to a 16-year-old girl who fell several times and struck her head on Dec. 27.

According to SAFD, there have been seven accidents where riders were struck by vehicle while using an electric scooter.

The dates with the highest amount of accidents were Oct. 25 and Nov. 24. Both dates had four accidents.

While a majority of these accidents occurred in the downtown and surrounding areas, there have also been accident reports on Broadway Street, the UTSA area and the Southwest and Northeast Sides.

The only incident where a scooter malfunctioned was on Dec. 8 when the brakes reportedly failed on the device.

The city of San Antonio recently added more regulations to address the growing number of dockless vehicles on the streets.

The city's Transportation Committee will not be allowing any more dockless vehicles to come into the city until a six-month pilot program is complete on April 19.

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As the city continues to weigh the future of dockless scooters and bikes, the story about them will coninue to evolve. 

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