Man wakes up to find his penis is cut off after night of heavy drinking

CHINA – A man, identified only as Mr. Tan, woke up on the morning of May 8, hungover and missing a body part.

The 44-year-old man's penis had been cut off while he was passed out drunk, according to the Sanxiang City Express.

The bad luck continued when hospitals in Huaihua, the city where the incident occurred, were unable to perform the necessary operation to reattach Tan's penis.

Tan was taken to Xiangya Hospital eight hours later, where a team of experts were able to stitch his penis back onto his body after a seven-hour operation.

According to the Daily Mail, Tan was drinking a Chinese rice wine with an average alcohol content of 45% the night of the incident.

He is expected to be able to urinate on his own after two to three weeks and will work with specialists to help him achieve a "normal sex life" according to one of the doctors at the hospital.

Tan's penis turned black after being cut off but, according to the Daily Mail, returned to its normal color one week after the operation.

Tan doesn't know who cut off his penis.

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