Large fish kill reported after flood gates closed at Lake Granbury Dam

Texas Parks & Wildlife

LAKE GRANBURY, Texas – A large fish kill was reported Wednesday on Lake Granbury after the Brazos River Authority closed the flood gates to the Lake Granbury Dam, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Striped bass and other fish species appear to have died as a result of low dissolved oxygen due to decreased water flow after the dam was closed, TPWD reported.

Floodgates at the Lake Granbury Dam were reopened to help increase oxygen levels in the lake by reintroducing flowing water.

Dead fish have been seen several miles downstream from the dam as a result of the floodgates being reopened.

TPWD is advising the public to avoid eating, touching or swimming near dead fish.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is aware of a large fish kill below the dam on Lake Granbury. The large fish...

Posted by Texas Parks and Wildlife on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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