Gang leader dresses as daughter in attempt to escape prison, officials say

Video shows man remove disguise

AP Image
AP Image

RIO DE JANEIRO – A gang leader from Brazil tried to escape prison Saturday by dressing up as his 19-year-old daughter, the Associated Press reported.

Clauvino da Silva, who is serving a 73 year sentence for drug trafficking, planned to leave his teenage daughter inside the prison in his place but his nervousness gave him away, according to prison officials.

The Red Command leader was wearing a silicon mask, a wig, tight jeans and a pink shirt when he tried to switch places with his daughter, the Associated Press reported.

Photos released by Rio's State Secretary of Prison Administration show da Silva in disguise before he was ordered to remove the mask and clothes.

He has been transferred to a maximum security prison and will face additional disciplinary sanctions, according to the Associated Press.

The teenager is being investigated in connection with the escape attempt.

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