'Killer Nurse' wants Bible returned

Prosecutor: Bible may contain evidence

SAN ANTONIO – When nurse Genene Jones was in prison serving a life sentence for killing a Kerrville child in 1982, her Bible was seized during a sweep of her cell.

Jones — who now is in the Bexar County Jail awaiting trial in the deaths of five children who died under mysterious circumstances at area hospitals where she worked as a nurse in the 1980s — wants the Bible returned.


“Her Bible gives her some comfort, and we feel that the Bible should be returned,” said Cornelius Cox, Jones' lawyer, following a hearing earlier this week.

During the hearing, Cox withdrew his request for a competency trial and Jones’ murder trial was set for early January.

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Catherine Babbitt, major crimes chief of the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office, said for now, the Bible will only be returned on court orders.


"I’m not in a position to hand back evidence that may be of value to the state," Babbitt said.

Babbitt said prosecutors are still evaluating the Bible’s contents to determine whether they contain anything that may be of prosecutorial value.


“There are some handwriting of Genene Jones in her Bible," Babbitt said. “(There are) some references to children, to sin, to a variety of things.”

In one section, Jones wrote, “I did the worst thing.” 

Another read, “Gave it all away to Satan today.”


“What is that referencing?” Babbitt asked in court. “I don’t know.”

Babbitt said she understands the value of a Bible and is willing to provide Jones with a Bible.

“Just not that Bible,” Babbit said. “When the cases are resolved, I am happy to hand back any personal property we have of Genene Jones."

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