VIDEO: SAPD officers respond after dog unlocks door, sets off alarm

Entire incident was caught on doorbell camera

SAN ANTONIO – When your alarm system is triggered and the police show up to your house, it's usually not funny, but that's not the case here.

EliaMarie Rodriguez was heading to Dallas for a football game Sunday night when she got a call from her alarm company alerting her to a disturbance at her home on the San Antonio's southside.

There was no burglar, just her really excited Boxer named Vader, who let himself out by unlocking two door locks and opening the front door.

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"He usually sleeps in our room, but since we were gone, our room door was closed," Rodriguez said.

San Antonio police officers responded quickly to the tripped alarm and soon realized it was Vader who opened the door.

"Sometimes, he likes to get out to play with other dogs, but he will never leave the area. He knows this is his home, so he was following the officers in and out of the house," Rodriguez told KSAT.

The entire incident was caught on Rodriguez's doorbell camera.

One of the SAPD officers can be heard in the video laughing and saying, "I told you it was that dog that opened the door."

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This isn't the first time Vader has opened a door, according to Rodriguez: "He has gotten out of the fence and opened our neighbor's front door and let himself in. They have a dog in their backyard, so he wanted to play with their dog. He is super friendly."

Officers put Vader back inside the house and locked the door before leaving.

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