Roof collapse caused by heavy weather leaves extensive damage at Travis Park Church

Crews working to get water out of church building

SAN ANTONIO – Travis Park Church has been a haven for asylum-seekers, the homeless and members of the LGBTQ community for many years, and after Thursday night's storm caused a roof collapse, which left extensive damage to the building, the community is fighting to continue that mission.

Heavy rain caused the roof over the youth building to cave in on top of the third floor. The now-destroyed roof was already undergoing construction.

The collapse led a sprinkler line to burst, which caused several leaks in the ceilings and flooded corridors.

Church council member Kathleen Laborde said crews are still investigating the damage to the buildings next to the church.

Crews are working to clean up the aftermath.

Eric Vogt, the senior pastor, said services, which are usually held in the church's sanctuary, will instead take place at Travis Park at 9:45 a.m. Sunday.