Parents concerned after school bus driver had medical episode behind wheel

Parents questioned whether medical issue was known by district

Photo Courtesy: Eladraoui Ana
Photo Courtesy: Eladraoui Ana

CIBOLO, Texas – Some parents and children in the Schertz Cibolo Universal City School District are feeling a little uneasy after a school bus driver had a medical episode behind the wheel Monday.

The driver was transporting children from Schlather Intermediate School to their homes when it happened.

According to a statement sent to parents from the SCUC ISD Transportation Department, the bus rolled into a yard of a home after the driver's medical episode, and no children were injured.

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Pictures posted on social media, and provided to KSAT from Eladraoui Ana, show the bus stopped in the yard and driveway of a home. The bus stopped just a few feet away from the home itself.

A parent, who wished to remain anonymous, told KSAT that the driver suffered a seizure and a girl on the bus pushed the emergency stop button to bring the vehicle to a halt before it crashed into the house.

Ana mentioned that her daughter had a hard time sleeping and is terrified to ride the bus again. Ana said she still has questions and is hoping for a clear explanation from the district about the driver's medical history.

Another parent emailed KSAT concerned that the district allowed someone to drive the bus with a known medical condition.

"I understand things happen, but what upsets me is that the bus driver told the kids that he had a medical condition and if he passed out to evacuate the bus immediately. I can't understand why SCUC would allow someone with that condition to drive children," she wrote in her email.

The emailer said her son was "traumatized by the incident."

We checked with the district to ask whether the driver, in fact, had a known medical condition.

Spokesperson Ed Suares sent the following statement:

"All SCUC ISD bus drivers possess a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), and are required by the Texas Department of Transportation to take an annual physical. The bus driver who experienced the medical episode yesterday took his mandated physical exam in September.
SCUC ISD is unaware of any medical issues regarding the driver."

Suarez said the incident is still being investigated by the district's transportation department.

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