Fredericksburg football moms get ‘goofy’ in hype video for seniors

Video shown at Friday pep rally

FREDERICKSBURG – The Fredericksburg High School varsity football team may have fought their way to district playoffs this year, but mothers of senior players are showing off their moves this season too.

Mothers of Battlin’ Billies seniors produced a video with the theme “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry for a district title” — designed as a spoof of the popular Snickers commercials — and played it for the team at Friday’s pep rally before their last home game.

“We wanted to do something that these boys would remember,” mother Jill Elliott said, adding that moms of senior players typically perform live dances or skits at the last pep rallies.

But this year, they collaborated on a script and storyboard for the four-minute video produced by fellow mom Trish McCabe Rawls.

They gathered at the school on a Sunday six weeks ago to film, Elliott said.

The women acted as football players on the field and in the locker room, and incorporated a variety of props and jokes to emulate their sons’ quirks “in a goofy mom way,” she said.

One mother of a player who broke his leg acted like she broke her fingernail after getting tackled, for example, and a mother of an athlete who was accused of targeting acted like she went shopping at Target.

The end of the video shows the real football players weren’t “acting” themselves because they’re “hungry for a district title” — or in this case, they were acting like their mothers.

The spoof was a fun moment amid a season of determination and heartbreak.

Rawls said a teammate’s father died after a battle with cancer earlier this season, so “it was great to lift their spirits with a fun video like this.”

“This is a really special and really tight group of kids,” she added. “Aside from Fredericksburg just being a super family oriented community, this senior class of players are really close.”

Twenty-five seniors are graduating in 2020, she said, and many have played together since little league.

Now, the moms are hoping the Battlin’ Billies will keep the momentum going into the next football game. The team will go head-to-head with El Campo Ricebirds in the bi-district playoff game Friday at Bastrop Memorial in Bastrop.

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