Escape Haus in New Braunfels challenges guests to stay mentally sharp

Puzzles, riddles need to be solved before end of ticking clock

By Josh Skurnik - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - The puzzles and challenges at the Escape Haus in New Braunfels are sure to put guests in a mental pretzel as they try to solve their way out of fun scenarios.

Plus it's a great way to keep the kids sharp and enjoy the time off from school during this Spring Break.

Picture this scene. Six captives have one hour to find a hidden scroll in a room reminiscent of an Indiana Jones movie.

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Searching through a sarcophagus and miniature pyramid with secret compartments, the captives know solving riddles is the only way to escape.

The clock is ticking with a one hour time limit (but they can still finish if they lapse), but it won't be easy.

There are five escape rooms, each with a different theme and mystery.

Duane Penshorn is a local emergency room physician but decided to diversify by opening the place in May of 2016.  

"When we first opened nobody even, around the area knew what an escape room was. Since that time they've just exploded," Penshorn said.

It's 25 dollars per person, and free for kids under six. There are group discounts for five or more.

During Spring Break they are open one in the afternoon until Midnight.

Rooms have up to 25 clues, and change about every six months to a year.

As hard as it looks, staff say most people do finish. Some puzzles are just based on shapes and colors, so even young children can get involved.

Don't worry, staff can help.

"Some people like to play the game no hints, no clues, and you know about 30 minutes into it they usually say 'Hey um, what, what should I be looking for with this?'" Penshorn said.

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