LCATS students help NASA pros solve problems using space-exploration tech

Balloon launch commemorates completion of program's first year

By Van Darden - Managing Editor

SAN ANTONIO - Students with the Lunar Caves Analog Test Sites program — or LCATS — celebrated the end of their first year in the space-STEM program with the launch of a high-altitude balloon.

The launch took place Thursday morning on the lawn in front of the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology.

The LCATS program is a science-based academic enrichment program funded by NASA.

Students participating in the launch Thursday morning ended their first year of the five-year program.

Next year, students plan to create a comic book.

"Students are creating a storyboard,” said Joules Webb, co-investigator with the LCATS program. “We're working with the Texas Alliance for minorities in engineering. They currently have a comic book called science squad, and we will be doing a space edition with our students."

The LCATS program allows middle and high school students to help aerospace professionals solve challenges with space-exploration technology.

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