New mural dedicated to local traffic accident victims on West Side

136 people have been killed in traffic accidents on San Antonio roadways this year

SAN ANTONIO – Monica Delgado understands the troubles of traffic accidents all too well.

She recounted when her mother was hit by a car on Culebra Road several years ago.

Even though her mother didn’t die from the accident, she says her injuries were life-altering.

“She had just gotten off of the VIA bus and crossed the street at the crosswalk,” she said. "It was her turn to cross and someone passed a red light and hit her.

“They didn’t stop to render aid.”

After the accident, her mother couldn’t walk on her own due to several broken bones and head trauma.

Man crashes truck in rollover, passenger dies

It’s not just her mother; this year, 136 people have been killed in traffic accidents on San Antonio roadways.

One of those deaths occurred Saturday morning at a rollover accident on Interstate 35, killing a female passenger.

To honor those victims, a mural was painted to bring awareness to the issue.

The mural is painted on the side of San Antonio Fire Department Station No. 26, located at 4140 Culebra Road on the West Side.

Vision Zero San Antonio is the city program that sponsored the mural.

Motorcyclist pinned under car and dragged

Greg Reininger with the program said they chose Culebra Road because it’s one of the city’s highest fatality corridors.

Earlier this week, a 25-year-old man driving a red Ford Mustang died in a head-on collision on Culebra Road.

“Specifically between I-10 and the Callaghan area,” Reininger said. “So we thought it was appropriate to choose a fire station as they are the first responders to many of these crashes to send a message that this is an important thing for San Antonio.”

Reininger said the city’s Transportation & Capital Improvements department has been working on several ways to improve Culebra Road.

Current improvement projects include:

  • Five new Z Crossings on Navidad, Hamilton, NW 28th, Mira Vista and Goodrich
  • A new signal on NW 19th Street
  • Median improvements on NW 26th Street

Delgado, who lives near the mural, said the message behind it is important to her and her family.

She said she even brought her children to help paint the mural to honor all those that passed away.

“They were able to be part of it, also to do it in memory of her grandmother.” Delgado said. “I’m hoping it’ll bring awareness to our community.”

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