Prosperity of car wash helps imagination, education of San Antonio kids

At one local car wash, cars never seem to stop coming.

Those rags and machines keep humming at Bubble Bath Car Wash, and the profits have allowed President Nicholas Lopez to take their bubbles to another level.

The car wash is the latest business to join the DoSeum’s “Little Town” exhibit.

“So we thought, why not join two wonderful things, a parent trying to get their car cleaned and a kid who gets to have a blast, seeing the lights and the soaps and the sounds to keep them happy and their parents happy,” Lopez said.

The microfiber material used in the exhibit is the same used in the car wash tunnels.

“And it is just as soft and playful, as you can imagine," Lopez said. "And so we’ll trust your car with it. We’ll definitely trust your kids with it, too.”

It’s their way of saying thank you to the moms, dads and grandparents who have rolled their way through the car wash tunnels.

“San Antonio is our home and it’s a place we’re gonna put our money, our time and our effort to continue to build this city,” he said.