Bexar County Jail passes annual inspection

The jail failed its annual inspection last year

Bexar County Jail passes annual inspection
Bexar County Jail passes annual inspection

SAN ANTONIO – Last year, the Bexar County Jail failed its annual inspection. However this year, the jail passed.

Back in February, the Texas Commission on Jail Standards said the jail was not compliant in several areas, including inmate supervision and having civilian employees.

The jail passed a surprise inspection back in November of 2019.

Bexar County Jail fails inspection, BCSO says

On Thursday, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office announced it successfully passed the annual inspection.

A full report is expected in the coming days.

The sheriff’s office did note inspectors discussed areas that needed improvement during an outbriefing.

Sheriff: Bexar County Jail back in compliance after surprise inspection

But, the sheriff's office says those areas are outside the scope of BCSO, such as maintenance, which pertains to Bexar County facilities and to the medical area, which pertains to the University Health System.

The sheriff did say they will continue to work with maintenance staff and UHS to address any lingering areas of concern.