A way with words: Timothy the hippo posts love poem for Fiona just after Valentine’s Day

Timothy also reminded Fiona his fifth birthday is just around the corner

Fiona, the Cincinnati Zoo's most famous hippo, just turned three. (CNN Newsource)

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio’s hippo, Timothy, is still reeling after his Valentine’s Day present from his long-distance suitor, Fiona.

The lovestruck hippo says he’s still recovering from the excitement after receiving an Edible Arrangement on Valentine’s Day and wanted to remind his sweetheart of the next upcoming holiday — his fifth birthday!

Timothy took to social media to express his thanks, and of course, to woo Fiona with a love poem, which can be read below.

"Dear Fiona,

Hola Chula! I’m still recovering from the excitement of the gift you sent me for Valentine’s Day. Thank you again very very much, it was YUMMY. Anywhoo, guess what! My birthday is coming up.....I’ll be... THE BIG FIVE!

I’m so excited. Grandma asked me what I wanted, but with Valentine’s and Spring Break coming I haven’t even had time to think about it! There was that one Christmas I wanted a Sit N’ Spin toy, but not anymore. I figure that’s more for kid hippos and I’m going to be...THE BIG FIVE if I haven’t mentioned it. Well I wrote you a quick poem and I hope you like it!

  • Your skin is nicely rough and gray
  • You always eat lots of fruit and hay
  • Your eyes are big and bright and brown
  • Just like a chocolate, now gobble that down!
  • Your whiskers accentuate your super cute ears
  • They should make some and sell them as zoo souvenirs!


- Timothy"

Dear Fiona, Hola Chula! I'm still recovering from the excitement of the gift you sent me for Valentine's Day. Thank...

Posted by San Antonio Zoo on Thursday, February 20, 2020

Timothy has such a way with words!

We can’t wait to see what Fiona has in store for Timothy’s upcoming birthday.

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