KSAT anchor Courtney Friedman talks about parents testing positive for COVID-19

Their story of symptoms, virus testing, responsibly quarantining while waiting on results

SAN ANTONIO – On Tuesday morning, KSAT anchor Courtney Friedman got a call from her parents in San Diego, California ,saying they’d tested positive for COVID-19.

Courtney’s dad is a lung cancer survivor and was categorized as high risk, so when he and her mom began feeling sick over a week ago, they were qualified for testing.

It took eight days to get those results back, and by the time they did, they were thankfully feeling much better.

Still, Courtney and her family wanted to share the story to show that this can happen to anyone.

Courtney also felt it was important to show an example of people strictly quarantining long before receiving positive results, in an attempt to keep others safe.

Watch the story in the video player above.

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