WATCH: KSAT Kids news brief video spotlights San Antonio-area students, parents, teachers and schools

Weekly news brief brings your kiddos all the latest content and activity ideas they can enjoy at home

SAN ANTONIO – We’re launching a new project under our KSAT Kids umbrella: a weekly news briefing to showcase all the great stories, resources and fun available on the site.

News, (e)sports, weather, cooking, at-home activity ideas and lessons, resources and more will be included in each brief.

The first news brief, in the player above, offers the latest on graduations and how schools are trying to figure out how to honor high school seniors.

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The news brief also spotlights how one San Antonio father made sure his daughter didn’t miss out on prom this year.

We also have a rundown of at-home activities you can take part in like:

Our junior meteorologists this week include twin brothers Lucas and Levi.

If you have a budding reporter or junior meteorologist at home they can send email their video to ehernandez@ksat.com to be a part of the brief.

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Happy learning!

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