Great Graduates 2020: Alex Dahn

Brennan High graduate wants to become computer animator

Great Graduates 2020: Alex Dahn
Great Graduates 2020: Alex Dahn

SAN ANTONIO – Alex Dahn is looking forward to becoming a computer animator and during his senior year at Brennan High School, his Economics teacher, Ben Woodchick, could see Dahn’s talent shine through.

“Alex was always finishing his work early and getting everything done and then it was on to some sort of animation, some sort of drawing, some sort of art,” said Woodchick. “Extremely, creative individual, so, it was cool to see anything from paper projects to drawings.”

“I love computers and want to learn how to animate programs and do game design,” said Dahn.

Dahn has had a challenging school year.

“Last summer, my mom died,” said Dahn. “And, my dad has gotten cancer twice.

But even through through the difficult times, Ben Woodchick said Alex has always pushed through.

“Alex was a very energetic student,” said Woodchick. “I mean, he was always on top of his work. But he was always asking for more, more, more, which was pretty neat given his situation. So many things that were happening in his own life, having to overcome. And, so it was always a pleasure to have him in class. And you always knew you’re going to get some energy and some entertainment from Alex.”

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