Introducing KSAT Explains, a smart, weekly look at the biggest issues facing San Antonio

Premiering June 18, KSAT Explains is free to stream on smart TVs, devices and

The weekly, in-depth show will work to extensively and exhaustively dive into one topic per episode.

SAN ANTONIO – If you’ve tried to stream KSAT News at 9 on our digital platforms over the past two weeks, you’ve probably noticed something: It’s not there.

Here’s why: The show is in the middle of some drastic changes.

Since its inception, KSAT News at 9 has worked to bring perspective to daily headlines. We may have told you about a homeowner firing warning shots at a potential trespasser during Good Morning San Antonio. But at 9 p.m., we explained when homeowners can legally use deadly force against offenders.

After breaking news about coronavirus patients being held at the Texas Center for Infectious Disease in the 5 p.m. newscast, we explained what the center is and who is usually treated there at 9. And after hearing the phrase “social distance” about a million times during all our newscasts, KSAT News at 9 broke down how it works and answered questions about what it means for you.

But now the News at 9 is evolving. During these trying and historic times (we know that phrasing is cliché, but it’s also true), KSAT12 recognizes the need for local analysis and storytelling that explains the implications of the news. Enter KSAT Explains.

KSAT Explains is launching Thursday, June 18 as a weekly, in-depth show that will work to extensively and exhaustively dive into one topic per episode. By moving to one night a week, KSAT Explains will be able to deliver a half-hour filled with smart journalism.

Have questions? Here are some answers.

What can I expect from KSAT Explains?

Context. We don’t want to just tell you how many people showed up for protests, we want to explain the systemic reasons behind their activism. We won’t just bring you the latest development in the battle over mail-in voting, we’re going to try to get to the bottom of why it has become such a controversial topic. We’ll explain what the latest COVID-19 numbers are telling us, but we’re also going to explore how the pandemic is shining a light on existing inequalities in our city.

Who is involved?

Myra Arthur, RJ Marquez, Kaiti Blake and Sarah Spivey will continue to grace your screens. Myra will host the show. RJ will report. And Kaiti and Sarah will be there to break down any big weather questions of the week and bring you weather and climate coverage.

And the same people who produced, directed and edited KSAT News at 9 are behind this project.

When can I watch?

Once we start releasing episodes, you can watch any time you want. We’ll release a new show every Thursday morning on KSAT’s streaming app and on The shows can be viewed on-demand, whenever you are ready.

And while we’re changing, we still want to bring our audience the segments that made KSAT News at 9 a stand-out show. We also will continue posting our mini-newscast on Instagram every night at 9 p.m.

You can now watch KSAT News at 9 original content on our other KSAT12 newscasts. The 9@9 has moved to 9 a.m. daily, and you can watch Money: It’s Personal on Tuesdays on GMSA at 9, too. You can now take in some life advice by watching Adulting Hacks on Sunday mornings. And the noon show is the new home for Throwback Thursdays.

Prefer streaming on your own schedule? You can also catch all these local news segments on the KSAT-TV app. Download the app in the app store of your Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire stick or smart TV for KSAT Explains, more news with bonus footage and extended interviews, plus KSAT Originals and more.

About the Authors:

Valerie Gomez is lead video editor and graphic artist for KSAT Explains. She began her career in 2014 and has been with KSAT since 2017. She helped create KSAT’s first digital-only newscast in 2018, and her work on KSAT Explains and various specials have earned her a Gracie Award from the Alliance for Women in Media and multiple Emmy nominations.

Myra Arthur is passionate about San Antonio and sharing its stories. She graduated high school in the Alamo City and always wanted to anchor and report in her hometown. Myra anchors KSAT News at 6:00 p.m. and hosts and reports for the streaming show, KSAT Explains. She joined KSAT in 2012 after anchoring and reporting in Waco and Corpus Christi.