Summer camps open with COVID-19 protocols to keep staff members, children safe

New safety rules at YMCA summer camps

SAN ANTONIOYMCA summer camps have implemented new safety protocols amid the novel coronavirus pandemic to give parents peace of mind when it comes to their families’ health.

From the moment parents arrive at the YMCA summer camp at Thousand Oaks, there are protocols to ensure those walking in don’t have symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Summer camps try ‘pods’ to keep campers together while limiting the spread of coronavirus

“We have to take their temperature, the child’s temperature, before they enter our facility. Parents have to sanitize before they sign them in. And then after that, they’re allowed to come into the facility,” said Yzamar Bernal, program director at YMCA of Greater San Antonio.

Parents and visitors are not allowed inside the facility. And Bernal said employees are deep cleaning the building regularly.

“We have to wipe down tables, sanitize everything. We have special equipment from the facility that’s used in the gym that we can use, as well, in our rooms,” she said.

The campers are ages 5 to 13 years old.

“In the years past, we’ve had maybe like up to 20, 25 kids in our group. So now we keep it to 12, and that’s all you’ll see in one room at once,” Bernal said.

Bernal said the YMCA follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and will continue to update its rules as the situation changes.

“We have, like, hula hoops that kind of show the kids, like, this is how distant you have to be from one another. When we’re outside, of course, the catch games that we provide for them, they’d require that social distance from each other,” Bernal said.

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