San Antonio real estate agent uses Tik Tok, Instagram to show off city’s homes while maintaining social distance

Not much has changed in real estate market, agent says

SAN ANTONIO – A local real estate agent is using the power of social media to bring in clients and showing them what the San Antonio housing market has to offer — all while keeping a safe distance.

“My main goal is to help all my friends and families get into a home. I feel like it’s a very important investment, especially here in San Antonio,” said Shadia Crespo, a real estate agent.

The ongoing pandemic is slowing down many industries and keeping people at home. But Crespo says not much has changed in the real estate market.

“It’s been pretty steady, and a lot of people want to buy a house now since interest rates have dropped. Everyone wants to see what they can get,” she said.

With enthusiastic buyers trying to cash in on a hot housing market, Crespo decided to pivot the way she does house tours to help with social distancing and drum up more excitement online.

“A lot of people said that Tik Tok is not for old people, but I always like to try everything once, and it looks fun, especially with quarantine happening,” she said.

Crespo has been using social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram to showcase some of San Antonio’s unique homes.

“We run through the house real quick. And I mean, it’s really fun. And I think people really love seeing the homes that San Antonio has to offer,” she said.

The social media apps have helped Crespo connect with people from all over.

“All those social media platforms have absolutely helped me find buyers and sellers, and people reach out. They want to know what they qualify for. I’m happy to help them,” she said.

But more than just buying and selling — Crespo also aims to educate her online followers and potential clients about the homebuying process.

“I also did an (Instagram) live open house, so that was so different. But it was cool to have a lender come on as well on the open house and talk to people and answer questions that they might have,” she said.

Crespo has the following advice for future homebuyers:

“(My) advice for a homebuyer would be to take that first step and talk to a lender because the lender is going to tell you where you’re at (financially), even if you’re not ready to buy now, she said.

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