Map: Emergency road closures at low water crossings in San Antonio, Bexar County

Live updates on potentially dangerous roads during flooding

Flood map, BexarFlood.org
Flood map, BexarFlood.org (BexarFlood.org)

SAN ANTONIO – The map below shows the latest road conditions at low water crossings. Read more about the map below and find the full version at BEXARflood.org.

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About the map above, via Bexarflood.org:

"Each dot on the map indicates a location of a Bexar County HALT sensor - HALT stands for High water Alert Lifesaving Technology. The sensors detect rising water and send real time information to this website: green means the road safe, yellow means the water is rising and red means the road is closed. By subscribing to alerts through this website, you can receive text or email alerts when low water crossings you choose to monitor have water over the road.

"Bexar County has installed more than 150 HALT systems in our community to warn drivers to turn around with either flashing lights or a combination of flashing lights and gates.

“The map was developed through a partnership between Bexar County, the City of San Antonio and the San Antonio River Authority. These partners monitor local weather and road conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

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