New book club at UTSA to focus on issues of race, race relations and racial justice

Students, staff, faculty, alumni and donors have already signed up to join the club

SAN ANTONIO – A University of Texas at San Antonio book club was created following the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter Protests this year.

“I think it is a mini form of activism. Again, requires you to kind of just check yourself every single day, like call out racism when you see it,” Ammi Bui, scholarly resources librarian at UTSA, said.

The idea of the book club came up during a UTSA online community gathering.

“People were asking for a book recommendation, like they were interested in reading more about the topic of race relations, racial justice, things like that,” Bui said.

Incoming sophomore Kennedy Caskey is part of the new book club.

“I decided to be part of it because I think there’s a lot of critical discussions that need to be had and also I felt that there was a lot of things that I also needed to learn that I just didn’t know,” Caskey said.

Through readings and discussions, the book club will address issues of racism throughout history with a focus on what they need to do now to change the course of racism.

Students, staff, faculty, alumni and donors have already signed up.

They hope to share information about the books they are reading in a research guide on the university’s library website.

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