‘Love Lock Fence’ finds temporary new home in San Antonio due to bridge repairs

The fence will move to the Kallison Walk Bridge, beginning next week

"Love Lock Fence" in San Antonio.
"Love Lock Fence" in San Antonio. (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – Nothing says commitment quite like taking a lock to a bridge and tossing a key into the river.

The “Love Lock Bridge” in San Antonio is a must-visit destination for couples near and far; however, beginning next week, the “Love Lock Fence” will be moved to a temporary, new location due to bridge repairs.

The fence, which is originally adjacent to the San Antonio River between the Kallison Walk Bridge and Market Street downtown, will be moved to the Kallison Walk Bridge, according to Public Works.

The new location is still in close proximity to the downtown Courthouse Wedding Chapel, where couples that get married there then go to “Love Lock Bridge” and “lock-in their love” before throwing their key into the San Antonio River, according to officials.

The repairs to the walkway where the fence was originally placed will prevent further damage and erosion.

Officials said the weight of the locks already on the fence did not lead to the damage on the walkway; however, the weight has impacted the fence and the pedestrian handrail that supports it.

The fence will be moved to its temporary new location Tuesday, Sept. 8. The previous location of the fence will be closed until the bridge can be repaired, officials said.

There is no timeframe for when construction will begin, as Public Works said it is still seeking funding for the project.

We’ll bring more updates as they become available.

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