San Antonio man released from hospital after battling COVID-19 for weeks

Carlos Muniz remains on oxygen, is learning to walk again

SAN ANTONIO – Carlos Muniz was released from the hospital this weekend after battling COVID-19 since July.

“I think it was twice that they said that they didn’t think I was going to live through the night. But I made it (by) the grace of God, you know, and all the prayers and everything like that that everyone did,” Muniz said.

Muniz was hospitalized on July 15 and Methodist Hospital made it possible for Muniz to marry the love of his life, Grace, at the hospital.

Muniz said that day was perfect.

“I was nervous, you know. Was kind of like, ’Man, I can’t believe this.’ And just seeing her in her dress and how beautiful she looked. And, you know, I knew how happy she was,” Muniz said.

Although he is back home, Carlos remains on oxygen.

“My lungs are still a little swollen, you know, just with the damage,” he said.

Muniz is also learning how to walk again.

“If I have to be there for a while, for long distances like that, then I could be in the wheelchair. But I can use my my walker,” he said.

Muniz feels blessed to be back home.

He has a message for people battling COVID-19.

“Faith, love and purpose, you know. Just keep going. Fight as hard as you can and God will carry you through,” Muniz said.

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