‘People want things that represent them’: San Antonio artist finds success with Latinx merchandise

Unheard: Cristina Martinez - “Very That” Owner

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Cristina Martinez does not forget where she came from.

A daughter of immigrant parents, she was born and raised on the South Side and still lives in the home she was raised in.

“(I) love being from San Antonio and (am) super proud of our culture,” Martinez said.

Her love for art and creating lettering has come a long way and it all started with the dream of becoming a Latina “Lisa Frank."

After her mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 she started putting the sayings she grew up listening to from her mother into her work.

“Her advice, my grandmother’s words really resonated with people specifically in San Antonio,” Martinez said.

Her pop-up shop “Very That” has become increasingly popular and Martinez is able to work full time on her artwork.

The boutique features mugs, tile coasters, t-shirts, stickers, stationery and much more with phrases that many Latinos grew up hearing.

“People want things that represent them,” Martinez said. “The Latinx market is growing super fast and we’re consuming media more than ever before.”

Since the pandemic has halted “Very That” from opening up the pop-up shop around town, sales have shifted to online.

Martinez herself has become an influencer on social media, even though she doesn’t really see herself as the typical influencer.

“People like to put that title on me, but I really like to show the nitty-gritty of what it’s like to be a small business owner,” Martinez said.

Visit the “Very That” website to get a closer look at Martinez’s work.

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