Mega voting sites prove necessary as thousands flock to polls on day one of early voting

There are 4 Mega Voting Sites throughout the city

Voters flock to the polls at mega voting sites
Voters flock to the polls at mega voting sites

SAN ANTONIO – Mega voting sites were set up specifically to accommodate a predicted high voter turnout and proved to be abundantly necessary as even some of those sites were jam-packed at times.

There are four mega voting locations throughout the city, including the AT&T Center, Palo Alto College on the South Side, St. Paul Catholic Church on the Northwest Side, and The Alfazar Shrine on the North Side.

Anthony Tellez, at St. Paul, said he felt motivated and determined to be among the first at the polls.

“This is the most important election in my lifetime,” Tellez said. “And I’m 64.”

Kelly Roush, who waited hours in line at Alfazar Shrine, says the decision to act on her beliefs by voting was rooted in family.

“My grandparents were immigrants from Ireland and Italy, and we were just raised with, ‘It’s a privilege,’” Roush said.

That privilege was also exercised by Jake Tartar at Palo Alto College, where the line to vote was 20 minutes-long Tuesday morning.

“The line looks longer than it is, but it’s really not as long,” Tartar said. “People are spread out. It was great work; 100% worth the drive.”

Early voting extends through Oct. 30. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3.

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