Watching nature shows can help with boredom, sadness

Experts say getting a daily dose of nature, whether physically or virtually, is beneficial to your overall mood

Watching nature shows can help with boredom and sadness.

The pandemic has forced us to stay home and indoors, so finding things to do can be kind of complicated.

But some experts say watching nature shows on TV can help cure boredom and sadness.

Most of us have resorted to binge-watching TV shows and movies as a result of quarantine from the pandemic.

But for some of us, isolation is leaving us bored and depressed no matter what is on televison.

According to a new study by researchers are the University of Exeter in the UK, watching nature shows can help reduce feelings of boredom and sadness.

Participants watched an underwater coral reef on their TV, a virtual reality headset using 360 degree video, or a VR headset with computer generated graphics.

In all three formats, they were found to be less sad and bored.

Experts say with so many people working from home, this could have positive therapeutic effects.

They also found virtual reality technology to have an impact on a person’s mood.

And the virtual reality experience not only relieved boredom, but increased positive feelings and strengthened connection to nature.

Experts say getting a daily dose of nature, whether physically or virtually, is extremely beneficial to your overall mood.

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