Stylists share ways to take care of your hair if you decide to skip salon visits during pandemic

Growing out your hair is a long game and you need to stay focused, stylists say

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping many people at home, you may have the urge to grow out your hair.

But according to GQ Magazine, stopping those routine trips to the barber or salon comes with some homework.

First, hair stylists say you should not wash your hair with shampoo everyday. It is bad enough for any hair styles, but can dry out longer hair more easily.

Instead, GQ Magazine says to use conditioner every day, and shampoo a couple times a week.

Second, you will need to switch your hair products. Texturizing fibers and clays are good for shorter hair styles but won’t work as well for longer hair. Instead, GQ Magazine recommends lighter products, such as pastes and creams. They will lightly hold your hair together, but will also allow your hair to move freely. And if you need your hair to stay put, you can always use some hair spray.

Hair stylists also told Vogue Magazine to change your diet. Nutritionist Maria Marlowe told Vogue that foods rich in iron, zinc and vitamins C and B are good for your hair. Some of the recommended foods include beans and eggs for protein, bell peppers and dark, leafy greens for vitamin C, and walnuts and fatty fish for Omega-3.

Hair stylists also say you should sleep on a silk pillowcase. Cotton will pull all of the moisture away from your hair overnight, and they say to buy a few hats as well for those days your hair is too wild to tame or you don’t have time to work with it.

And finally, stylists say growing out your hair is a long game and you need to stay focused. There will be times where the journey will be tedious and awkward, but if you invest in the long game you will be able to grow out your hair nicely.

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