San Antonio restaurants use air scrubber to maintain safe environment for customers

PureAware air scrubber can be rented for $90 a month

A pureaware machine uses technology that manufacturers removes viruses from the air and improves indoor air quality.

SAN ANTONIO – More than 30 restaurants in the San Antonio area are rallying to stay open over the holidays despite the threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

They’re using technology that manufacturers say scrubs the air, contributing to a safer environment. One of the restaurants participating is South Alamode Panini and Gelato Company. Like other restaurants, it’s had to switch gears amid the pandemic.

“We just went straight to online orders, to-go orders. And so, we were able to shut down to the public while still being able to stay open,” said staff member Aaron Soltero.

Soltero says now, he and his staff members have figured out a way to allow customers back inside the South Side store safely.

“You know, every extra precaution that you can take is, you know, another bonus,” Soltero said.

That extra precaution is something customers may not even notice. It’s called a PureAware machine. Manufacturers say while it’s rather small and discreet, it has a huge job.

“To effectively remove the aerosols that contain viruses, bacteria or other airborne contaminants,” Jonathan Calhoun, who builds the machines, said. He said that one unit contains over 550 football fields of molecular technology to clean the air.

“So, they’re really powerful,” Calhoun said.

Stores that are equipped with the PureAware technology are also equipped with QR codes that customers can scan to find other locations in the area that are participating.

“You can click that business and you can actually see the status, you know, of all of the units there,” Calhoun said.

The PureAware machine itself runs about $1,300, but businesses can rent it for $90 a month. Those already on board say it’s a small price to pay for a big boost of confidence to keep people safe.

“Having this technology is going to help the customers feel confident to get inside,” said Ruth Ruiz, who works at South Alamode Panini and Gelato.

For more information on PureAware, click here.

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