Why does this San Antonio kid rule? ‘Cuz Stone Cold said so!

Watch out, Steve Austin! There’s a new star on the rise!

Mason Casares, a 4-year-old boy on the South Side of San Antonio, celebrates his birthday in style. (courtesy Isis Salazar)

SAN ANTONIO – Screaming fans, a steller show and the performance of a lifetime. No, it’s not the AT&T Center. It’s a 4-year-old’s birthday party on the South Side of San Antonio.

For one day last week, Mason Casares’ backyard looked more like a professional wrestling venue with a rising 4-year-old star.

Mason celebrated his day like a champion, complete with entrance music and a wrestling-ring cake. But what caught a lot of people’s attention was how Mason donned his wrestling hero Stone Cold Steve Austin’s signature style and look.

Isis Salazar, Mason’s older sister, shared the moment in full on social media.

“He loves all wrestlers, but the attitude of the past legends from WWE are some of his favorites,” Salazar told KSAT.

She posted the video of her brother entering the party on social media and it became a viral hit.

Salazar said she and her family are taking the reactions from people in stride.

“When I posted the video, I never thought it would go viral,” she said. “I posted the video because I thought my brother did a cool thing. The attention has been great overall. Of course, there are always negative (reactions), but there are definitely more positive comments than bad and we’re all happy to see him getting noticed.”

The Texas Rattlesnake himself got in on the action and shouted out Mason on Twitter.

Additionally, Salazar said that she and her family exercised caution during the event to ensure the safety of those who attended Mason’s birthday party.

“I would like to say (that) we were all safe during the birthday party for my brother. Tables were 6 feet apart and we all were careful and wore masks if we weren’t at our table,” she told KSAT. “We understand the importance of COVID-19 (safety) and we’re glad to celebrate his birthday in a safe way.”

Salazar said Mason’s father, Jonathan, is a wrestling fan, but that the 4-year-old discovered some athletes on his own through YouTube videos.

“I would like to say, my family and I appreciate all of the positive and heartwarming comments,” she said. “A lot of people related to my brother and said they remember wanting to reenact their favorite wrestlers too. I would also like to add that this is my brother on the daily in our household. I was just able to catch a glimpse of it on video. He’s just a kid who enjoys reenacting some of his favorite wrestlers.”

Here are a few of the posts shared about Mason’s birthday party entrance:

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