Thinking on changing careers? You might consider fields within home services

Not only is industry thriving, but need for skilled tradespeople will continue to increase

Thinking on changing careers? You might consider fields within home services

As we turn the calendar to the new year, it’s a time for many people to look for a new start in their careers. And when evaluating new fields, one should consider home services.

Business is booming in the home services industry, Angie Hicks from Angie’s List said.

“According to a recent Angie’s List survey, demand for the home services industry is up. If you’ve considered a career in the skilled trades, now may be the time to make that leap,” Angie Hicks said.

Not only is the industry thriving, but the need for skilled tradespeople will continue to increase as the current workforce ages towards retirement. Approximately 53% of skilled workers are currently over the age of 45.

“Jobs in the skilled trades are in high demand. Carpentry, masonry, HVAC, electrical, even plumbing, all have great benefits, including job security and high wages.” said Hicks.

Most people focus on college, but skilled trades can offer an equally as rewarding alternative with broad options.

“Don’t be intimidated by the training required to enter the skilled trades. Many of the programs are low cost or also have ‘earn as you learn’ opportunities,” said Hicks.

Ensuring that your new business can be successful during changing times may also require you to adopt new tools. One important aspect of running a successful business these days is managing your online reputation.

“Utilizing online tools is more important than ever. Understanding how to handle reputation management, scheduling, even video conferencing are becoming important tools of the trade.” said Hicks. “You’ve started your business, you’re doing great work, so now’s the time ask your customers for reviews. Have them share their experiences with you, and really start to build your reputation.”

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