Heart disease is very real, don’t miss the signs

February is American Heart Month


SAN ANTONIO – The last year or so has been dominated by news of the COVID-19 pandemic, but when it comes to your health you need to also remember heart disease is still a very real danger.

Since February is American Heart Month, KSAT is trying to help make people aware of their heart health.

“I am 46-years-old and I had a heart attack. I didn’t even know I was having it,” Tim Stewart, a heart attack survivor and photojournalist for KSAT12 said. “My wife and I were sitting at a wedding reception and I just got this flop sweat and this burning sensation down my neck and shoulders and it just kept getting worse and worse and worse.”

It’s a scary situation for anyone, and it was terrifying for Tim because, as a father of two, he knows how dangerous heart disease can be.

“My father had just turned 55 when he had the one heart attack that took his life,” Stewart said.

Dr Dawn Hui, a cardiac surgeon at UT Health San Antonio said they often treat people even without risk factors of heart disease. Though heart disease can be genetic and come in many forms, it also may be preventable.


“The good thing is, I want people to to know, that they can empower themselves to change,” Hui said. “In general, you should be eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, avoiding fried foods, avoiding a lot of refined processed foods and avoiding very high sugary foods, especially if you are diabetic.”

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