New children’s book encourages kids to embrace and appreciate the dark

KSAT Book Club February Pick: “Who Loves the Dark?”

SAN ANTONIO – As a kid, many of us are afraid of the dark, but what we don’t know is that the dark is very helpful to the environment and nature.

That is why San Antonio educator Sheril Phillabaum wrote “Who Loves the Dark?” our KSAT Book Club pick for February.

Phillabaum and her husband enjoy the outdoors and her husband, an astronomy enthusiast, taught her about dark skies and dark sky parks.

“That whole process kind of got me interested in the dark skies,” Phillabaum said, “It was a new idea to me that had relevance for wildlife, plants and animals.”

The entire subject inspired Phillabaum to write a children’s book so kids who may be afraid of the dark could see it as much more than just something scary.

“I think that’s an angle that the kids can relate to, but when it moves beyond just being afraid of the dark to actually embrace it and appreciating it,” Phillabaum said.

Besides reading the book, kids can actually visit dark sky parks in Texas, the closest being Enchanted Rock State Park in Fredericksburg or the UBarU Camp and Retreat Center outside of Kerrville.

“Who Loves the Dark?” can be purchased on Amazon.

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  3. “A Little Bit of Grace” by Phoebe Fox from Austin: A fictional romance
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