San Antonio Zoo welcomes new rhino to the Savanna habitat

‘Stormy’ a male rhino arrived from the North Carolina Zoo

Courtesy - San Antonio Zoo New rhino named Stormy will now call the San Antonio Zoo home. (San Antonio Zoo)

A week after a winter storm hit San Antonio, another storm has arrived -- a rhino named Stormy.

The southern white rhino came from the North Carolina Zoo and joins the San Antonio Zoo’s two other female rhinos.

The 30-year-old rhino and was brought to San Antonio as a part of the Association of Zoos & Aquarium’s Species Survival Plan.

The goal is to get Stormy to breed with the zoo’s two females.

The San Antonio Zoo has a history of breeding rhinos.

“We are thrilled about Stormy’s arrival,” President & CEO of San Antonio Zoo, Tim Morrow said. “San Antonio Zoo was the first facility in the Americas to successfully birth a rhino in 1972. Since that time, San Antonio Zoo has had 22 rhino births, both black rhinos, and white rhinos, throughout its history, with the last being in 2004.”

Stormy can now be seen in the Savanna habitat.


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