KANGAROO CAM: Live look inside the tree kangaroo habitat at San Antonio Zoo

Meet Omeo and Libby

Kangaroo Cam (KSAT 12)

SAN ANTONIO – KSAT has teamed up with the San Antonio Zoo to bring viewers a 24-hour livestream of the tree kangaroo habitat.

The zoos’ Matschie’s tree kangaroos are 14-year-old Libby and 16-year-old Omeo who is darker in coloring than Libby.

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While tree kangaroos are typically solitary, the habitat at San Antonio Zoo is unique as Omeo and Libby are housed together.

Tree kangaroos are difficult to study in the wild but it is assumed their life span ranges from 15-20 years, however, the animals are known to live past 20 in captivity, according to Zoo.org.

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Omeo and Libby are participating in the Species Survival Plan, according to an official with the San Antonio Zoo. That means there could be a new tree kangaroo addition to the San Antonio Zoo soon.

“Occasionally, the tree kangaroos may get into a tussle, but this is common when Libby is cycling,” said San Antonio Zoo’s Director of Public Relations Jennifer Pue.

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The colorful backdrop of the Matschie’s tree kangaroos habitat was hand-painted by an animal care specialist who works at the zoo, Pue said.

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