San Antonio high school seniors looking forward to in-person graduation ceremonies

Northside ISD prepares to host high school graduations at Alamodome

SAN ANTONIO – The past school year included distance learning, mask mandates in schools and canceled graduation ceremonies due to the ongoing pandemic. Now that there are no state-mandated COVID-19 restrictions, some San Antonio high school seniors are looking forward to a traditional graduation ceremony.

For high school seniors Elise Zuniga and Emily Ford, learning from home and outside of a classroom has been a challenge for many reasons, such as not seeing their classmates.

“I was so used to just being around the school environment and seeing my friends every day to suddenly not being able to see the people I’m with every day was a little weird,” Zuniga said.

The Northside and the North East independent school districts will have 2021 commencement ceremonies at the Alamodome.

Valerie Sisk, principal at Warren High School, said it has always been a tradition to have graduation at the Alamodome, and they are looking forward to having it there once again.

“The possibility of having a graduation in the Alamodome was very exciting for us because we know that for many, many years. That’s what our families have been used to,” Sisk said.

The excitement is a shared sentiment between students and parents alike. The opportunity of celebrating an academic achievement amid a year of so much change and loss is something for which many families are ready.

“My mom gets very emotional because I did lose my grandpa to COVID, and she wanted him to experience me graduating and walking the stage. So for her finding out that I’m actually going to graduate and be able to walk on stage was very exciting,” Zuniga said.

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